About the pending verification documents


Greetings support team, thanks for your time.

A couple of days ago my boss paid for a Mini credits (economic) subscription but after I noticed the identity verification requirements and told him about it, he completely refuses to send the pictures :man_shrugging:

Is there any other option? and will my boss get his money refunded if we don’t send the pictures?

Many thanks again, I would highly appreciate any input on the topic.
Regards, Javier Sanchez


All the non approved payments are refunded automatically within 5 days.
We need nothing personal from you, just any possible way to see that you are a legitimate user of the card. Alternatively it can be a screenshot from you bank account with our payment on it or a sms from your bank.


Hi! thanks for the answer!
I’ll be sending a screenshot of the bank account payment, that will work perfectly.

Thanks again!