I Purchased Mini Credit when will it start?


My Payment was taken, When will the Mini start?


luispol2003, you first payment is still pending approval.
Please read the text on this page for more information:


Why it have pending approval request and what do for this and how much time need this


Romanchal, I see it is the first payment in your account, did you use any other accounts with us before?
Please send them as a reply to the approval email.


I have purchased 2 mini packages, But I am unable to start my campaign. I have already used a free trial for this project. But another ID. I want to use my single package. what will be of my 2nd payment?

When I can start my campaign?

I am unable to add my campaign. Please suggest me asap.


Nagendra, please read the text on this page: https://www.trafficbot.uk/panel/billing-history.html