Payment Processed Even After Cancelling Subscription


I had canceled my subscription and it is also showing No Subscription but still, a payment for 1 Large credit was deducted from my bank a/c on 4th November automatically without any prior notice.

I want to stop traffic to my website and get a refund of my money. This is not right, that money should be deducted even after canceling my subscription.


Our apologies for that!
We’ve talked to our bank and it is true they didn’t cancel the subscription in the first time.

The payment has been refunded and we’ve takes measures for it to never repeat again!


It has been 5 days and still haven’t got my refund back whereas the traffic has been stopped. Can you tell me when I will be receiving my refund?


cryptoguruuteam, that is very normal, the refunds usually show us in 5-7 working days in your bank account or even more, it all depends on your bank